Price guide

Prices as based on the average price of a decorated wedding cake from Blossom Bakery. Price will vary depending on the intricacy of your design and the location of your venue. Final price provided following consultation.

Either a flawless buttercream or fondant covered finish or rustic semi naked design.


Two tier (serve approx 50) from £260

Small 3 tier (serve approx 65) from £320

Large 3 Tier (serve approx 95) from £380

4 tiers (serve approx 120) from £420


Two tier (serve approx 50) from £320

Small 3 tier (serve approx 65) from £380

Large 3 Tier (serve approx 95) from £440

4 tiers (serve approx 120) from £480

The Process….

Get in touch

Firstly, get in touch to let me know your wedding date and venue to check availability. I’d suggest booking as far in advance as possible. 

Secure your date

To secure your date £100 deposit is required.  We can then confirm your date and cake for your big day!


We then arrange a consultation to talk all things wedding and to sample flavours. I will then prepare a sketch of your cake and once flavours are decided a final price is given. 

Lets bake!

That’s your part done, you can leave the rest to me. I will communicate with your venue to arrange delivery and provide them with guidance on the best way to serve your wedding cake. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver?

The delivery and setup expenses will be transparent in the quoted price. After confirming your booking, I’ll coordinate with your venue for delivery. I’ll guarantee the cake is placed in an appropriate spot, maintaining the right temperature and away from sunlight. Any damage post-delivery at the agreed location isn’t our responsibility. If you opt to collect from the bakery, we aren’t liable for any damage after leaving the premises.
How early should we book our wedding cake?
I suggest booking well in advance, especially during busy summer months, as my schedule tends to fill up. To secure your date and prevent any disappointment, reach out to pay a deposit.

How do we book?

Reach out via email, instagram, facebook or phone call!

Can we taste your cakes before we book?

Certainly! I prioritize both taste and appearance, and that’s why taster boxes with up to four flavors are included in the cost of each cake.

Can we freeze a tier to keep for anniversary?

Of course! Ask me for details on how to store cakes following your special day.

What’s the expiry date on your cakes?

All items are crafted fresh upon order using premium ingredients, without preservatives or additives. For optimal freshness, I suggest enjoying the cakes within 48 hours of delivery. If you plan to save some for later, feel free to ask for guidance on proper storage or freezing.

Let’s Create Something Sweet Together

Ready to embark on a sweet journey with Blossom Bakery? Get in touch with us, and let’s start planning the perfect centerpiece for your wedding day. Together, we’ll create a cake that not only tantalizes taste buds but also leaves an everlasting impression on your heart.

Indulge in the art of sweetness at Blossom Bakery – where love is baked into every layer.